Tom Haines is a composer, sound designer and re-recording mixer, whose practise is based between Oak Hill Antenna (art film, and non-commercial music work) and Brain Audio Studios (commercial sound studios) of which Tom is a director and partner.

Quarrantaine; Georgina Starr
50 mins. 5.1. Cinema
Sound design and score 
Film and Video Umbrella. In Production

︎ An Intermission Vinyl 10” OST available on 

Ruptures; Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler
Feature, 5.1. Cinema Score / Sound design / Mix
Film London. Premier London Film Festival, BFI

The Black Pearl : 100 year old stencil colour Pathe film,
DVD 5.1
Score and sound
BFI and Touch.

Buried Land - Steven Eastwood and Geoffrey Alan Rhodes. Score / additional Sound
Feature, stereo, Cinema. 
Premiered at Tribecca Film Festival
Paradogs film and video.

Deep State; Brad Butler, Noor Afshan Mirza and China Miéville.
feature, stereo, Cinema
Score / Sound / Mix 
Film and Video Umbrella.

An Intermission; Edwin Mingard
20 mins, Cinema, 5.1
Sound design / Score / Mix
OakHill Antenna, daily signals,
Format: stereo audio. Digital + Online